A month long class taught by
Starr Fuentes and Zabe Barnes

September 8th - October 8th, 2015
Orange Beach, Alabama

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Topics of Study

  • Dimensions - 144
  • Energy - New Perspectives
  • Personal Work - Final Clearance
  • Phenomena - WOW!
  • Time Space Continuum
  • Universal Laws
  • Light - The Tools
  • Levitation
  • Teleportation
  • Ethics
  • High Magic - Several Traditions
  • Environmental Impact
  • Economic Impact
  • Field Trips - As Our Vibrations Allow

Dimensional Mastery Class Content

We have a total of 23 weekdays 23 Morning Classes 23 Workbooks / Hands-On 23 Evening Classes and 6 Days of Special Events. You will receive:

  • Workbooks
  • Journals
  • A CD with all workbooks
  • Charts
  • Data and PowerPoint Presentations
  • Personal Video
  • A Video of Your Special Project Hundreds of Demonstrations


You will receive a certificate of completion after you finish the course.

What You Will Learn

With instructors Starr Fuentes and Zabe Barnes, you will have 30 Days of unprecedented downloads from both these masters.  During the retreat you will have exceptionally focused practice in the most beautiful surroundings supported by the leylines of our planet and nature itself to instill the integration of dimensional mastery within you.  These profound changes will occur on cellular levels, and with focused intent you will have leaps of physical plane breakthroughs. You need not have blind faith, for by the end of the month you will have the experiences that speak of a Third-eye Century.

  • With these powerful instructors you will learn about the untapped powers of the brain and mind. As vast as they are, they pale in comparison to the untapped power of the soul.  Each of us carries within them the ability to navigate the time space continuum.  The human race needs to let go of self-imposed limitations of what is possible and impossible.  We are moving into an advanced state of being rapidly and soon the old paradigm of what we knew to be physical plane laws will be shattered.  This is essential for our growth in this century.

  • If you’ve had the opportunity to study Divine Intervention then you have had the experience of moving dis-eased cells out of the body. Now it is time to move onto bigger things that affect the masses and the well being of all on this planet.  It has been prophesied that in this century we will see a difference in the way we move from place to place.  The way that we elect an official will move to a level based on truth and integrity.  We will clear pollution.  We will change the court system.  With extensive training in dimensional mastery and deep personal work, we are able to jump to the forefront of this shift.

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